Im planning to stop going out drinking (with exceptions ofc, but I need new hobbies?

New activities to do that doesn't cost too much?

So I have decided to stop buying alcohol and going out drinking for now. I won't drink unless someone offers me a drink, but other than that im going to try to stay away from it.

But most people I know go out during the weekends and at the place I work as a volunteer as almost exclusivly do things outside work that includes drinking. The same goes for the sports team I play at, det only thing they do socially outside work involves drinking.

But I get easly bored during the weekend so I need to something or im sure i'll go to parties or end up drinking.


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  • i stopped drinking wn i was 14
    search for something you enjoy doing
    playing music, any hand craft, just any addictive work
    if you started now , after 5 years you will be having somthing

  • have game nights without drinks?


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