Tips for 'Magic: The Gathering' beginner?

Tips for 'Magic: The Gathering' beginner?For those who are not familiar with this game could check this.
I'm new to this game. Is it worth spending time on? What kind of your deck is? Basic strategies? Any youtube videos / threads / websites you know which could help me?


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  • I've never played. Is it fun?

    • Depends if you are into card games. Personally, I find Yu-Gi-Oh! To be way better but elders find this to be more practical.

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  • I recommend you buy a bunch of cheap cards, I think the commons are still 10 cents or so, and build with them first. You need to learn hands on what works together and what doesn't and try out your own ideas. Magic is a game where being good at it requires you to have intimate knowledge of your own thoughts; you cannot copy others at all and even watching others play you will miss the minute details in their real underlying strategies or may just not think like them enough to make use of those strategies.

    Green decks are the friendliest for beginners in general and blue decks tend to be the hardest. Goes: G, W, Bk, R, Bu iirc for most in difficulty.

    • Thanks so much. I agree with you that copying would make it more difficult. And I've read about that sequence already so, it means it's really the best algorithm.

      Should I use two colours?

    • I wouldn't recommend it because at least then you don't have to worry about balancing land types as much. Focusing on the field and artifacts and enchantments and general rules and strategy is a good way to start but if you want to you can and it just requires you also try to balance your land and mana production ratios to where you think you'll be safe as well as coming up with a side strategy if you don't get your key cards out because someone destroys your only plains.

      The threat is real. :p

    • Thanks fella :)

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