If my birthday is in January, am I generally older or younger than my senior classmates?

Let's say I turned 18 on January 1st. Where do I rank in age amongst my senior classmates?

  • You're older than most
  • You're younger than most
  • I don't know / answers
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What Girls Said 1

  • You're younger because school starts in September. September is when school starts... so its usually the year before you is older correct...

    • It depends what year you are born but you'd probably be in the middle. I know a few was born in September or when technically a school year starts so say it's you and 3 people. Kelly, Ryan, and Tyler. Kelly turns 18 in September a new school year
      You're Ryan and you turn 18 in January and Tyler turns 18 in may.

    • Same school year same age but technically Kelly's is older... because Sept 2015 is before Jan. 2016 your birthday.

    • I guess it all depends whose birthdays land where hahah

What Guys Said 1

  • Anybody born after your birth date in the same year or after is younger than you

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