Why would he do this?

So after my ex and i broke up, (i found out he was with another woman) he would exsessively compliment me and tell me i was so amazing and any man who gets with me would be lucky, then he completely cut me off the next day, even after he initiated sex through text messaging. Next day, nothing... A year later, nothing... Yes its been a year but im still not over him... Did he tell me all this and initiate sex, and cut me off to keep me hanging by a thread? Did he do it on purpose? I dont tell anyone im still not over him but very few know. Also after he cut me off i think he made a fake profile and sent me a request because there were subliminal messages on it and i was the only person on the friends list. Did he do all this to keep me from ever moving on? Cause it worked :( ugh

Would like more opinions please
Does he not want anyone else to have me?


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  • Obviously he has some bad motives to get you involved emotionally and sexually then cut you off and still making contact which is disrupting your life. You should realize that whatever his reasons, they are not good for you and force yourself to move on.


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  • You never know with guys now a days. But clearly he is a selfish asshole if he did do this just to play you from what it seems. You deserve better and need to move on but that is easier said then done. But it can be done and soon the wound will heal
    Keep your head up girl :) it will be okay

    • Thank you im trying. I am trying real hard to just forget him girl... Sucks.

    • trust me it does suck trying to get over boy who stole your heart. Take your time to heal and grow :) and focus on what is important