I'm looking for tips for prom. Help?

Just in general. What to prepare for, what to do when you're there, and after. I want to be prepared. By the way, I already have a date. Step 1 is done


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  • General things:
    1.) Don't take it too seriously. Prom is meant to be fun... so whatever goes down, just have fun with it. (Granted, I thought it was a big waste of money considering the price but whatever lol)
    2.) Stay safe. I'm sure you already know any dangers and stuff, but I'm just going to reiterate to be careful. A lot of alcohol tends to float around, and teenagers can get a bit crazy. Don't get in the car with a drunk person. It's better to call parents or someone to pick you up at the expense of disappointing friends rather than deal with possible repercussions of that.
    3.) Don't do things you don't want to do. Like any high school dances, a lot of grinding seems to go on, and I'm sure there are some couples out there for prom who expect sex. Don't feel obligated to grind. Don't feel obligated to have sex. Do what you want to do, and don't let pressure get to you, no matter who it is from.

    Now that that is out of the way...
    1.) Dress/Shoes. You already got a date, so that's good. I don't really know how dress shopping for girls works. For guys, generally people rent tux. Nevertheless, talk with your date to figure out colors so you can make a good match. There will be A LOT of pictures taken, so naturally you will want to look best. Note it is a party with dancing, so dress accordingly.
    2.) Hair. If you feel like getting your hair done, you'll probably need to set up an appointment for it. Take care of stuff like this whenever you can.
    3.) Prom logistics. Granted, your date could be taking care of this already, but it would be good to know: Are you going in a group with people? Are you doing something afterward? Are you crashing at someplace afterwards? You'll need more clothes if that happens.

    1.) You show up via car or limo, give the people your ticket, enter the place. They may close the doors until a specific time but I don't know.
    2.) Chat with friends. Dance to songs you like. Get refreshments (they usually have snacks and punch there). Feel free to be free as you dance. Don't expect to look good-- 95% suck at dancing. The grinding stuff tends to happen in the middle of the crowd. Actual dancing tends to happen on the edges. They usually have a theme for the songs, otherwise it tends to be crappy hip hop and stuff.
    3.) Leave sometime late/early in the morning via car. Either go back home or crash at someone else's place for the night.


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  • Prom for me was kinda simple but fun, my mom did my hair and makeup for me. I went with one best guy friends. We went out to eat at a nice resteraunt, then once we were at prom we basically just danced the entire time. After prom me, him and a couple other friends of ours went to get milkshakes then we called it a night :)


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  • Hell my plan is to do a prank lol

  • dont do what i did, thats all i can say


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