I'm scared ill never get to talk to my crush , should I keep positive?

I feel kind of embarrassed about this for what I did. On Tuesday I told my crushes brother I like his brother so I'm not positive how he will take it. I'm scared that they might take me as a joke and laugh. But I really want to finally get to speak to him by his older brother. I know its wrong using people to get what you want but I had no other plan. Did I make things worst or I still have luck?


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  • One problem with this plan is that it requires a third person to follow through. You don't know that he will or that he will represent what you said fairly. The only way to be sure that your crush knows that you like him is through you. This doesn't mean you need to tell him outright. But it does require some initiative and direct contact with him.

    • Nobody understands I have tried he doesn't let me he doesn't except my request seems like he doesn't go on his facebook. That's the only way I can contact him. Or if his brother gives me his number. But I asked his brother if he could introduce me to him he said that he will let him know which I doubt.

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    • I was not referring to the older brother. You said you reached out directly to your crush but he was not open to you? Or did I misunderstand?

    • Ughhh nvm bye

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  • You're too old for this kind of behavior. Just talk directly to your crush.