My question for anyone who like facebook or instagram?

watch this youtube clip, a woman doing what you do on social networks in real life, and tell me how you can possibly not realize what people are actually doing on social network is completely stupid?


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  • Lame video.


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  • You understand GAG is a social site right?

    Websites are just tools, don't be so preachy.

    • no it is not.

      how many people on this site do you know in real life?
      do you speak with your real friends on this site?

    • That has nothing to do with what a social website is. Twitter is without question a social site but it surely fails your proposed litmus test... Instagram likely does too (a site you gave as an example)

    • what do you mean that has nothing to do with it?

      online discussion forum such as this one, where you talk to faceless strangers, has existed since the late 90's, no one called them social networks.

      the whole reason why facebook became so big was because it was the first time that people actually used their real identity on the internet, when reality merged with digital life.