I think that this tweet sums up just about everything in the election in the USA. as an outsider, I think a lot of people have this view of the USA?

I think that this tweet sums up just about everything in the election in the USA. as an outsider, I think a lot of people have this view of the USA.?
So what do you think? of course this is mainly pointed to the trump supporters, and the other right wing parties. I find this tweet absolutely hilarious, and for good reason, but i will let everybody have their say without starting a train of thought. I also believe that this quote can be used for many other things in the united states, such as gun control, and racism, and all the atrocities that happen due to religion and beliefes, as long as you replace the part about the election.

You could apply it to the second ammendment, seeing as it was written in 1791. obviously updated to coax the 'freedoms' of the gun totting population in the USA. you have your police, you have the largest and one of the most advanced military forces ever seen. time to remove this with another amendment.

the United states may be a great country, but it lacks in so many areas


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  • They elected George Bush a second time. We shouldn't be too surprised that they support Trump.


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  • the first pic is just as much about Hillary or Sanders as it is about Trump.
    And when I look at some of the other major political leaders world wide, between the disasters they have caused and the fact that they push policies that 70% or more of their people are against, I'm reasonably sure we aren't the only ones who have failed that IQ test.

    As for the second point? If you think our police or military are reasons why we shouldn't need personal gun ownership any more, you are much more ignorant of history than any American you might laugh at.
    The entire reason we have the right to bear arms to begin with is to protect ourselves from an overzealous police force, or from a government that decides its power now outweighs our rights. And if you think this is a bad argument, I would point out that our founding fathers specifically said that the government should fear the people. We do not have rights because our government gives them to us, we have rights because the government does not have the authority to take them from us, and our guns are what protects us. In fact, repealing our rights to guns repeals something that our very constitution calls an "inalienable right" granted to us by our very existence. The constitution specifically says that the bill of rights contain rights that the government MAY NOT infringe upon. If we give concession and allow one to be taken, we give concession that the government may take them all, and that we only have such rights at our government's whim. And that goes against EVERYTHING our nation was founded on.
    And as for police? There have been supreme court cases that have supported civilians who used weapons on cops. If the police act illegally, we must have the ability to defend ourselves from it.

    Look at every tyranny that has ever existed. The people had no ability to defend themselves. When there are over 300 million legally owned firearms in America, the government can not possibly push things too far. There is the argument that "Your pistol won't stand up to a hellfire missile."
    That is correct. But how many hellfire missiles can be used on dissidents before hundreds of millions of people rise up in the streets, armed, against the government that used it? And if you wipe us all out, what do they rule over, but a wasteland?

  • Oh and where do you live?
    Also, would you like some sugar cubes for that high horse of yours?

    You know, everyone always likes to trash on America; but if people wold just open their minds and their eyes a little bit, they would see that America really isn't all that bad.
    Right now it is the fad to be anti-america, but for what reason? America has one of best, if not the best, historical records (obviously taking into account the relatively young age of America). There may be some issues in America, but there is an overwhelming amount of good things happening, both in society and in the government.
    You dont speak for the world, and neither does that "tweet". I have traveled many more miles and talked to many more people and seen much more of the world's pain, despair, happiness, joy - every human emotion that has ever been or will ever be - and the majority of the world still see's America as the land of golden sidewalks, and rightly so.
    You want to call us racist, look at yourselves and see how you shut people out. You want to say we have too many guns, see how you have none, yet rival us in crime. You want to say we are unintelligent and uneducated and cannot rival you in technological advances (any progression in the field of knowledge, for a matter of fact), well Harvard, Princeton, The University of Chicago, Cornell, UPenn, Brown, any one of our amazing school, will show you just how wrong you are.

    Right now there is a lot of hate towards America. Hate was once towards, the Japanese, the Chinese, the British, the Germans, the Arabs, the Afghans; hate has been directed at everyone. I know this time will come to pass, yet i will remain loyal to one of the many places i call home.
    I ask that you look at yourself. You see America as a land of hate and racism and discrimination, yet you do not see the hate and racism and discrimination you project, how easily you write us off, and how you assume one or two to represent the majority. Such things are not just.
    Can you not see? You have become who you (wrongfully) persecute.

    • I live in Canada, also, sugarcubes and horses don't go together.

    • "Many people like to feed horses special treats such as carrots, sugar cubes, peppermint candies, or specially manufactured horse "cookies""

    • "also, sugarcubes and horses don't go together."
      Trainers sometimes give give them as treats like a dog cookie

  • Not American, but the fun debate is a hot topic here too. In a nutshell, the second amendment was created to maintain power to the citizens. Quite frankly, a country where the only people with guns are police and military scare the shit out of me. Regulations are one thing, and I absolutely believe guns are out of control in the uS. But I would never give up my guns, I the words of Charlton Heston "From my cold, dead hands"

    • Why does Your Country even need guns,
      We Americans actually really, really like Canada to the point where I guarantee we Americans would go beserk if you were attacked.

  • Do you really want to take guns away from the American people?

    • I don't think any normal citizen needs a gun, and I think that it would be a phenomenal achievement.

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    • @Dandeus that's what we need to clean up. I'm for making damn sure that the people who buy guns are law abiding and do not engage in straw purchases.

    • that's where the faulty logic lies @Dandeus. for anyone/everyone to have easy access to guns, is to give anybody and everybody a gun. a citizen is always considered law abiding until they are found guilty of the crime.

  • Dear Americans, you already don't have a reputation for being overly intelligent. Choosing anyone other than Trump will be the final nail in the coffin.


    The East.

  • The whole world has know how dumb Americans are after the voted for Bush junior - for the second time!

    We are laughing at them - not with them.

    And the rednecks in the USA need to carefully examine the Australian gun control laws from 1996

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