Where does Facebook messages from umfriended people go?

This guy was my facebook friend before he got me really mad and I deleted him. Now he sent me messages in another app and I felt like we still needed to talk. So I sent him a message on facebook and I think he never got that. No "Seen" in the right corner and no reply... so is it possible he hasn't got my message?


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  • Probably gone in the "Other" section of the messages on Facebook. Nobody really bothers to check that

    • But we have talked a lot on facebook before. So now when I sent him a message not being his friend, it goes to the others-folder? How stupid.

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  • It's possible. Sometimes they go into a separate folder called something like 'Message requests', I've had people I know but aren't friends with on facebook message me, had it go into that box and not been notified of it. The person was in the same lecture hall as me and came up to me at the end asking if I got their message and I was like '? No?' and they showed me the message request box.

    • How weird... I have got some messages there also, but I thought because we have talked there before it would be weird if they went to that folder... But I dont think he would just ignore my message either. So maybe

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