Are ‘smart’ people uncaring of others?

I remember being in this super competitive environment at a point in time, and feeling as though no one cared about me.

Interestingly, the ‘smart’ people didn’t care in a, they’re going to be polite without really caring kind of way.

But the insecure wanna-be smart people were the worst. They’d frown at me, ignore me, treat me badly…don’t even get me started.

It makes me wonder if I made a bad decision or good decision getting out of there. DIdn’t want to swim with the sharks, but now I feel like I didn’t want to quit and prove to them that they can do something I can’t.


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  • People tend to get like that in any competitive environment, not just smart people. It's kind of sad in a way that people are THAT competitive, but it's not at all unusual.

    Corporate workplaces can be the same way. Gotta watch your back sometimes. It amazes me how many people will bad mouth co-workers. It's a minority, but enough that you have to watch out for it.

  • Depends of how you define smart. For me those kind of 'smart' people try hard and only they believe they're smart. A smart guys know how to balance everything and knows not to be arrogant, so he takes care of others by him/her and tries to spread wisdom of not only being smart but wise.

    When you act like your smart you'll be ignored and people will talk behind your back, but when your wise people will want to talk to you and will try to be cared and care for you. This is why wise people keep quiet and talk less so they wouldn't be seen arrogant. But whenever they talk they'll say the truth.

  • I think a lot of them are very competitive so they see other people as threats and that's why they weren't very nice to you


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