Why would his mum do this?

I've had a past with a guy, (never slept or had a relationship with)
he's a massive jerk, who kept pursuing me whilst being engaged (flirting, complimenting and wanting to meet)
He wouldn't go away even after the amount of times i ignored which resulted in me having to snitch to a mutual friend.
His mum knows about how he kept hassling me, (when engaged) but still contacts my sister asking her to make cakes for his wedding...
Before all this, she said she wouldve like it if i married him.

Note: we are not even close to his mum for her to be in contact.

Is this weird or am i overreacting?

  • Yes its strange, her and her son should just back off now
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  • No you're overreacting
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  • keep ignoring... it seems that you are paying too much attention to the subject !


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  • It sounds to me here, dear, that he is Not Ready Nor raring to settle down with anyone, not even the Bride, whom he is probably taking for a Long.. Ride.
    The Wise Writing on the wall and All is he is still Hung up on you from the past and no matter what you Post or Boast, he will always be Looking and Lurking for you, may even Continue to yap as well.
    As far as keeping it Mum the Word, 'Mum' is probably wishing that things could be different and may always have a Special Place for your Face, no matter Who he decides to marry.
    As far as the 'Wedding Cake,' and whoever may Make.. It isn't over yet, as they say, Until the fat Lady sings for a Possible Walk down the Aisle.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

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