Do you ever make up your own celebrations?

My daily lif eis so boring, that i thought it would be funny to start making up my own celebrations. so i'm starting today XD today is ''typo'' day. meaning that i dont correct any typpo that i might make. i'm sure thats gonna be really annoying for others to read, but i dont have to bother correcting myself annymore, and that feels pretty cool!
do you ghave a cool idea what celebration i might celebrate tomorrow?
and dont even bother saying fap day, because for me, everyday is fap day.

so if you have a good idea, or if you want to tell me what you tihikn of this whole crazy business, please leave a comment :3


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  • Let's see...

    Natural hair day where all people stop wearing weaves and wigs and love their hair for a day, they even make a cake with a black girl on it. Lo

    • aww you're kionda missing the point... lolxD its a celebration i can cveolebrate only.. kinda becasue i do it to make my days more fun, do you understand? xD becaue im really bad att ecplaining things xD

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    • You seem like such a happy guy though :3

    • thats because i smoke a lot of weed XD just kidding lol :P i'm pretty happy yeah :3 thanks for the compliment ^-^

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  • On April 30 I am making that a holiday; last year that was the day my teen brother and I were in a really bad car accident that we could have died in.

    My teen brother doesn't know it, but I am going to get him a birthday-style gift on that day, and make it a tradition between the two of us. All I need to do is to give it a name. :-D

    • you could call it ''Walker'' day. because of paul walker who was in a car accident too, only he didn't survive but you guys did, so you're still walking...

      Too soon?
      thought so..
      alright then how about ''the day we lived''
      kinda like harry ppitter ''the boy who lived''

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  • Hahaha that is pretty funny XD The only unofficial celebrations that I do are half-birthdays. (Friendly reminder that my half birthday is in 14 days!!!) OHHHH

  • Yup. I call it "Me day"
    Every couple of months, I call it sick to work on a weekday and do nothing but eat popcorn and sleep. Works out for me since I still get paid and I never actually get sick.


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