Would you ever attend BURNING MAN?

I most definitely would go to Burning man. In fact my siblings and group of friends are planning on going to next burning man! (we consider ourselves hippies, lol, so its our niche bc Burning man is known for thousand of naked hippies fest)

For those who have no freaking idea what burning man is, i have a short video explaining what it is excatly. And who knows, you might join us too!


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  • Oh yes! I want go! (:

    • Thats so cool! lol I want like dress like a gypsy and just be werid lol! hahah Its something I want do lol!

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    • haha! lol I live like that all the time. i don't give a fuck! i do whatever I want lol!

    • Well then I admire you ;)

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  • Sounds interesting but I'm not very artistic but I'm a musician at least, so I'd probably fit in fine. I was in the Marines, so I'm far from a hippy, but most hippy types are really cool around veterans. It might be fun loading up my touring bike and cycling out there, one of these days.

    • Yes! I believe you would fit in perfectly fine! Its also a music festival (FYI)
      Also, the thing that I most love about burning man is that you can be yourself w/o a care in the world.
      Best wishes

    • I play the didgeridoo, djembe, and the highland bagpipes... I'd fit in fine, I'm sure. I've jammed in drum circles and played bagpipes at Venice Beach, in fact.

    • *googles half of that stuff*. Oh shit thats cool! I guess you're multi-talented. I only know how to play the viola and ukulele :(

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  • Purely for photography purposes...