Is she possessed? I'm so scared I don't know what to do?

Now originally I was really not a believer of spirits or ghosts or anything like that what so ever but I think I am now.
A girl from my class started to sing this old famous spirit calling song called Ulek Mayang. She said she's singing it because she doesn't believe it will possess her even though she said her friend started to become strange after she sang it.
And ever since she started she's been changing, she's constantly singing it everywhere and it's freaking me out whenever she's around, and she doesn't listen when we tell her to stop.

She's started to get these dry cough attacks and at times laugh for no reason.
It got to the point that she coughed so much that we had to take her to the doctor but they said there's nothing wrong, she doesn't even have a cold.
And it's not like the usual type of cough, I can't explain it, it's like somethings in her throat that wants to come out or say something.
And at times she'd get out of character as if she's someone else. I thought it might be a mental issue but I'm not even sure anymore.

And more so recently she's been skipping out going to the mosque, and when she does her cough just gets worse.
But we had to forcefully drag her in because she was completely refusing it, crying and almost hitting us.
Then when we sat down, in the middle of the prayer she started to laugh out loud out of nowhere and started singing that song.
We were all so scared we all ran away from her.

We asked for the imam for help and he gave us a scripture to have her read out. We tried to get her to read it but at first she was just straight out refusing to read it out when she saw it then yesterday we begged her to do it but the words just won't come out of her mouth, and sometimes her voice goes all strange and creepy and she gets these twitch movements and then cries then growls.
I have never been this scared in my life. Should I keep helping her?

  • Yes, keep helping her.
  • No, stay away from her to be safe.
  • She's bullshitting with you.
  • Other
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  • You must be Javanese?

    How do you translate that, "crushed flower petals"?

    There is no such thing as possessed or black magic. There is no way to convince a Javanese of this fact who believes otherwise, and chances are slim with other ethnic groups.

    • Malay. Trust me I certainly did not believe in possession or black magic what so ever before this, neither did any of my friends.

    • I have a girlfriend who is Malay (she keeps scolding me for trying to talk to her with the words I know, which are Indonesian "that's not how we say it!" lol).

      There is no such thing. Superstitions are ingrained into the culture in your part of the world.

      Was I close on the translation of the song?

    • The song doesn't have a direct translation to English that I am aware of.

  • Sounds like bs but if she's going to a mosque I would definitely not rule it out.


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