Jealous of other people's happiness to the point of depression - how to not be?

I'm a 24 year-old grad student in the sciences, and it is super stressful. I have a lab job alongside the mountains of coursework/research which pays okay. This takes a huge toll on me.

I'm new to the university/city, and it's hard to make friends here. My only good friends have been international students, and I know that those relationships won't last - they have to return home someday.

I had a brief (3 months) relationship with a girl (undergraduate) here, after not having a girlfriend for 2 years or so. I guess I fell in love too quickly or something, because I gave it my all in that brief relationship. I caught her cheating and I was really crushed. She's been badmouthing me, saying the sex with her lover (some douchey rich boy) is better, he's hotter and taller, etc. and rubbing her seemingly amazing life in my face - she's dating the rich guy and is always posting pictures of her partying, going on trips/dates with her boyfriend, etc. on Facebook. It's killing me.

Meanwhile, my brother is getting married, has an MD, an awesome circle of friends, and a house in Miami. His life is perfect, like what you see on Friends, How I met your Mother, etc. I'm single, have an ex "girlfriend" who badmouths me, few friends, and have all work and no play. The only thing that's going for me is that I have a good GPA and work is alright despite being hard as hell. Only reason is because I have nothing else to do besides study and work.

I'm jealous of other people's happiness to the point that it depresses me. People's lives look so perfect in comparison to mine. How do I find pride in my boring, empty, stressful life and not be envious of others'?


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  • to be honest i feel the same way like you do sometimes. and why is your stupid bitch ex is still on your facebook? delete her from your friends right now. i would suggest you to hold on man or try to talk to some people at the universities and make friends i know its very hard to do this, or you can find any girl on a dating app.


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  • beat the shit out of her it will give you closure