How can I mentally make myself more confident in my body?


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  • I have the same struggle too. I never felt attractive my whole life and never has girls my age view me as attractive. But I was that awkward looking teenager. Now in my 20s I notice women in their 30s smiling at me all the time. Some even just being plain creeps on me like grabbing my ass. What really made me feel better about my body is that I had a girl throw herself at me really hard. She was crushing on my best friend too but she didn't throw herself at him... and he's a pretty boy too.


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  • Work out and eat right to change the things you can change, then it will be easier to accept the things you can't change... like a crooked nose or freckles.

    I was never very confident in my body. i always hated my hair and my nose and my left ear because it looked slightly different than my right ear.

    But, when I started working out and eating better... my acne got better, I got a nice butt, I got a great new hairstyle. Then my nose and my left ear stopped bothering me because I acknowledged that I couldn't change them... but that's what made me "me".


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