I need help with a internet question guys?

So I got a message from art saying something about copyright and me downloading things?_

I'm like wtf.

I do download music on the low sometimes but that not what this is talking about. this said I downalod Gotham. I don't even watch that show.

It said I dowanloded this Gotham. S02E04.720p. HDTV. X264-DIMENSION[rarbg] I don't know what to do?
I asked my cousin he said he didn't and I asked my sister and she said she didn't. but her boyfriend was here and I asked her and she said he don't and she texted him and he said he didn't download it. But I think he did.
But maybe he don't maybe att is messing up maybe someone stole my WiFi password


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  • If you believe no one did it and that the message is genuine, then as you suggest the conclusion is someone is leeching off your WiFi.

    Your router probably has a log and stats page that might show connected devices. It might be worth seeing if you can see the leecher there.

    Then, look into securing your modem/router - this is more than just changing the WiFi password (you want to do that, but you don't want to be an easy target to be wardriven again, and if your old password was obtained it may be that your settings made it too easy)

    • Oh, and don't forget to change the default passwords to access your router's settings - if someone is gaining access to your network you don't want them getting in and messing with the setup to make it harder for you to kick them off!

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  • How would they get your email? Like logically.

    It's a phishing scam.


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