An ATM "ate" my rent check my landlord tried to deposit. She said the bank credited her... but I was never debited the amount?

I know the obvious answer is "Talk to the bank", but I'm just curious if anyone has experienced this.

When my landlord went to deposit my rent check, the ATM machine "ate" it. Her bank credited her account with the full amount while they "investigated". So she has the funds, but I still have the amount in my account that should have gone to her.

How will I know if my funds will be eventually debited from my account? I don't really want that amount sitting in my account not knowing if it will ever be debited or not. Will the investigating bank contact me about it?


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  • I suspect the landlord has "uncleared funds" - this is not spendable money in her account but is shown in the total.

    As the money hasn't been taken out of your account one of two things will happen - the clear may clear and the money will be debited or the cheque will bounce and your landlord will have to follow up to get you to write another cheque (make sure the previous cheque is cancelled though)

    • That's what I was thinking; cancel the previous check and just write her a new one. I'm not planning on spending the money, but I don't like having it sitting in my account forcing me to do the math everyday to monitor what is really in my budget.

    • no don't cancel it unless she says it bounces. If you don't want money sitting in your account don't have a chequeing account - I hate personally dealing with cheques

    • people have like a year and a half to cash a cheque, and you are obligated to keep the money available until they do.

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  • it just means that your account hasn't been debited yet. you'll have to check your online account or call the bank to find out if there is a pending transaction

  • WHen you lose money, you will know.
    You can ask your landlord if the investigation is over.
    I don't think banks contact each other about accounts of their clients, sounds like a bad idea.
    Don't spend the rent money!!!

    • I'm definitely not planning on spending the money, I'd just rather move it to my savings account so it's not sitting in my regular account forcing me to do the math every day to calculate what my actual balance is. BUT, I don't want to move it to my savings either, because I have no idea when it will be debited... or even IF it will be debited. If the check was damaged that much, I don't know how they'd determine what account to debit it from. It would make more sense just to write her a new check but I'm worried I'd get debited twice due to some admin error.

    • yeah, i hear you.
      Move the money to the savings account.
      Let it bounce, if it does, cancel the old one and write a new check.

  • Do NOT rewrite the check IF the bank has already credited her the money...

    What you could do is stop payment on that check. If there is an issue later, the bank would contact you. Then, after stopping the check, move the money into savings...

  • Well, if the check is destroyed, there may not be a way for them to know who wrote the check. IF, the check can be read somehow, your account will be debited in due course. Do nothing... in case they can't figure it out...


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