What was your most embarrassing/humiliating moment?

I expect many answers to be sexual, though many others won't be.
Feel free to answer anonymously if you must. I'm not out to embarrass people a second time.

And tell the story as much as possible! You have 2,500 characters to work with, so really tell us what happened. "My brother walked in on me undressing" is a headline, not a story!

I was worried some of my questions got few answers because they were too long. This one is pretty short, and only one reply :(
bump? I'd love a few more answers before the bullshit mandatory closing of the question.


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  • My most embarrassing moment was when me and my friend were shopping for bikini at the swimwear shop. We were messing about in front of the changing rooms with curtains for doors as cubicles.

    Anyway my friend pushed me and I fell into the ground of an occupied cubicle!!!
    A cute guy about my age coincidentally just took off his underwear to try out the swimming shorts as I fell in. My face landed literally a few inches from his ding-a-ling (but not touching it thank god!). My face instantly went bright red and we apologised and hastily left. It was soooo embarrassing lol. I don't even want to show my face in that shop anymore!

    Plus that was also the first time I saw one, and it was so close and sudden too! The image is still in my head gaah lol

    • That's hysterical, and understandably embarrassing :)

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  • Probably when I walked in on my roommate having sex with his girlfriend in college. The door was unlocked and I had no idea haha😂 It was more awkward than anything bad, but we talked it out after and he understood.


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  • Falling in a Chipotle as soon as I walked in with a bunch of people around is up there on the embarrassing moments list. It was raining and the floor was slick. 😐

    • i have bad ankles. They've twisted on me at random times, making me fall in public before. Not fun :(

    • Agh, yeah, definitely embarrassing. I really did hurt myself doing that, too, hah.

  • When I was at school most girls did cooking or textiles but I did design technology. There was a fashion show and the whole school had to be involved. The home economic bitches made snacks, some of my DT freinds did the set. But for some reason we decided to do a human jack in the box.

    We designed the box to fit the smallest girl in the group but she chickened out last minute and I was the only one with the guts to do it. I have never been small but managed to squeeze inside.

    So they pushed me on the stage wound the thing up it springs open and I jump out. Everyone seems surprised and impressed. But after I got back in and they were pushing the box off the front part fell open. I had to put my legs behind my head to fit in so the whole school and everyone's family saw my knickers.

    • wow, i'm sorry!
      i bet you gave the girl who chickened out hell!

  • Getting caught by me mom sneaking wine from the fridge when she was out for the evening. I think she finally figured out I wasn't such a little angle anymore.

    • lol what kind of wine?

    • I don't know. it was red and not that sweet. but it gave me quite a buzz after only like 1 glass.

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