Have you ever had to deal with your company scrapping your group's project and reassigning members of the group to different projects?

It sucks so bad. I put in a ton of work into this project and now because the instrument we're supposed to use with the product (that another group was working on) isn't performing as expected, they broke up the whole project. 😓 I don't even work with the same people anymore either.

I guess I should just be thankful I still have my job though, you never know when this type of stuff starts happening.


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  • No but I have the chance to actually have a say in whether a project should be scrapped and salvage what you can or continue to sink money into it.

    At some point during a development of almost any company, you will have some sort of projects that will start to look like it will not turn out well or it just take more time that you expected. Then you take a look at your budget and you will have to decide whether finishing the project now or just get rid of it will be better in the end.

    Barring political fist fights, the main reason to scrap a project is that it is no longer worth the time and money to continue it or there is someone else more urgent.

  • Has happened to me a couple of times, when our fickle-minded clients changed their mind and wanted those projects scrapped. It was at my previous workplace. It sucks, I know!

    • Yeah. This is my first "real" job, and I thought things were fairly stable, so it was just kind of a shock. I guess all we can do is keep going.

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    • That sounds great, hope you achieve it! :)

    • Thank you! I'm working towards it. Long way to go, but hopefully should be there in 8 to 10 years! :)

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