Am I using him?

So Im currenlty in my home town for the holidays and its always a bit tricky for me. The reason for that is that all my "friends" are also friends with my former bff whom i broke it off with. And since my friends always have been closer to my former bff they hang out more often with her then me so often unless im first out with asking people to hang out, they all hang out with her.

And all of my friends (only one close i would say) are hanging out my former bff this weekend and to be honest i do feel a bit left out. So in an act of depsperation i "signaled" to a guy who i have been on one date with for about 2-3 years ago (he "signalised" interested a month before i did it back) that i was interested in getting in contact with him again. Long story short he just messaged me, and im hoping he'll ask if i want to hang out so that i dont end up alone basically.

Its partly because i really dont want to sit at home and also show the others that i have other people to hang out with too, and partly because im curious to if he has changed at all. Because I know i have changed. But im worried it will come off as me "using him" because i know he find me attractive and probarly more than i find him attractive, if we actually meet that is.

Is it ok? i mean he did actually message me first, im just kinda going along with it in a way

you could say im doing it more ofr my own entertainment then anything else


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  • Yeah it's cool you did nothing wrong (:


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  • Thats leading him on and it is using. Just because your lonely shouldn't play with peoples feelings...