What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

Mine: I was in middle school hanging out with my so called "friends" and we were trying to be "cool" by jumping over tall metal fences to trespass a property. (I am terrified of heights and I've always been very clumsy) so when it was my turn to jump over the fence, (jumping midway) my shirt got stuck to the fence and when I hopped down, my shirt (still stuck to the fence) was covering my whole face and I was flashing my friends. Till this day, I still turn red having flash backs of this moment.
So tell me yours, I dare you!


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  • I am from India and guys mostly are uncircumcised there but I am circumcised because it's in our tradition, being circumcised is generally not a problem but I always feel shy to use to use public toilets as I know the facts that other guys around me have different dick than mine, During the colleges also I avoid using toilet when it is full I usually go when no one is there, I remember it was my third year and winter season I came early in the morning as we had some kind of exam related to our subject I was nervous so I drank water twice or more and while exam I was all full but couldn't go toilet, as soon as the exam was over I rushed for toilet but it was already full but that day I didn't care much I avoided people and started pissing openly because the hell every toilet was full damn, when I was all empty I felt relax and then i saw around me each and every guy was looking my dick and staring at me with weird faces and suddenly they all burst in to laughing I felt immensly embarrassed and I just left the toilet silently without seeing anyone. Whooa that day.

    • Awww. That experience sounds awful. Sorry you had to go through that :/

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    • Hey thanks :) that was really unexpected.

    • Yeah, np. You deserve it

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  • Oh man. I was shopping with my mom and my little brother (he was 5 at the time). I'm pretty tall so i guess his height was about the distance between my feet and waist (or something like that). I was looking for cookies and just stood there comparing the prices. My little brother happened to be directly behind me when i let out THE most glorious and beautiful fart mankind has seen. Of course, it landed right on his face because he was behind me. It was funny and all, i laughed so hard at his reaction because he was so pissed. The problem is that he then started to scream that i farted on his face, while pointing at me. We were there for 30 more minutes, and he just told every single person he saw that i had farted on his face. My mom obviously thought this was hilarious and secretly recorded it and showed it to my whole family. Four years have gone by and some of my cousins still call me FartMan. I'm so sorry if this was too long. :)

    • No worries. Thats hilarious. Thank you for sharing;)

    • I don't really know if it's hilarious or just awkward and weird hahaha. Oh well, shit happens. Or farts , in this case.

    • Both weird and hilarious I think. Lol

  • i was 16 and in a regional swimming comp. About 6 schools and 500 odd people. Jumped in for my race, swam it, lost, then got out and felt all eyes on me and screams and gasps. At the same time I saw teachers/parents running to me with towels

    For during my race the front of my bathers ripped and my penis was hanging out for all to see

  • Just looking at your pic you do look like a clumsy person lolol.

    Oh boy, I have so many embarrassing moments to the point where I have no shame. I guess my most embarrassing moment was when I was 16 and it was during the vancouver 2010 Olympics on Granville street the 2nd last day of the Olympics. I punched a kid I was hanging out with cause he threw a punch at me. I hit him in a spot where he would go down easily and I'm quite a big guy. Out of no where cops took me down. I resisted at first because I didn't know who took me down and then I realized it was police. I got hand cuffed and they though I was a drunk 20 year old knocking out a teenager and was thrown in the drunk tank. Some people from my high school saw me and I didn't hear the end of it from everyone. There were so many people looking during that time and I never have been so embarrassed.

    • Thank you for sharing :) (I would've been terrified if that happened to me :/ )
      And what is that suppose to mean that I look clumsy based on my pic?

    • Just that smile looks like a girl who has had her fair share of clumsy accidents lol.

    • Well you guessed correct. I am extremely clumsy and had my fair share of accidents ;P

  • That's not that bad. When I was in 6th grade I was swimming in a pool, and this kid pantsed me when I was on a ladder. I was a late bloomer, and didn't even start puberty yet. Needless to say this girl screamed after seeing my dick cause of how shriveled up and small it was. Man I wanted to die, then all the fun nicknames came out at school. Needle dick, small fry, baby dick, etc. Honestly I was still child like and unaware of adult problems when this happened to me. To this day, I don't let a girl see it for the first time when I'm flaccid, I always make sure it's erect first. After a couple times I don't care, but you know that initial time she sees it you want to be seen/touched at your largest not your smallest.


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  • Someone came in my room and hear me singing lol! HAHA!

    • Also same thing happen to me! I tried to jump a fence and like I jump instead of hold onto the thing haha! lol I was 19 hahah!

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