Feeling depressed after being robbed?

Long story short:
I was robbed in my home (found out it was guys who wanted cash for drugs) and they took everything, including a secret hidden box with all my social insurance (SSN/SIN), citizenship, etc important documents inside.
i have reported it to police and put an "alert" on my cards incase someone tries to use my identity.
That's not the problem though. Well, it is. But as everyone has said to me.. Its life and shit happens.

i just can't seem to move on from this. The fear of someone using my identity is seriously harming me. I have lost 8 pounds from worry, stress, and fear. I am even having suicidal thoughts. How do I move on..

I am feeling so seriously depressed that Im starting to think I have a mental health issue because I just can't get over it.
I know if this happened to others, yes they would stress and worry but they'd move on.
I just can't..


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  • It takes time.. I was carjacked... Make sure you contact all 3 credit reporting agencies and have a security freeze put on all of them. It costs $5 per agency. This will prevent anyone from applying for credit with your info, unless they use the pin number the credit bureaus issue you or you put a temporary lift on the hold. If you file a police report, you may not have to pay the fees. If you are outside the USA, similar policies exist. Cancel all cards and have re-issues... Once you secure your identity, this will help secure your peace of mind and can help you heal.

    • I live in Canada. We have to credit agencies: Equifax and Transunion.
      I put an "alert" through Equifax's automated system incase someone tries anything. But transunion's automated system won't recognize me? I've never even heard of transunion until the police told me about it.
      So that's stressing me out even more. Because my other option is to fill out an application to transunion but I need 2 pieces of id for.. Which I dont have yet.
      Everything else I have replaced and should be here soon.
      This is so agonizing

    • just hang in there... it gets better.

  • I would be surprised if you weren't. You've had what has formerly been your safest place, your home, invaded and you've had personal property taken. I think if you allow the cops to do what they can (or can't), install a deadbolt, and take other precautions, that feeling will eventually start to fade.

  • Put all your new cards in a safty diposit box and only take them out when you need them

    • I know this.
      But I still got robbed and it feels like a major invasion of privacy and is very hard to get over

    • U got over it and I was held hostage it's not that hard if you put your mind to it

    • I got over it

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