Is there an app?

Is there an app that allows you to tap into your partners text messages or fb messages?


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  • Yes, there is.
    I saw something on MTV where this guy used it to stalk his ex girlfriend.
    He actually downloaded a app into his phone, and downloaded into her phone.
    All her messages were sent directly to him.
    The APP concealed itself on her phone as well, so she couldnt see it.
    I dont know the name of it, but with research I am sure u can find it.

    Why would u want to do that though?
    Either u trust someone or you don't.
    If you don't then you should leave them.
    Its not worth the headache in the end.


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  • Creepy

    • I didn't give you the reason. I just asked the simple question.

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  • Probably, an illegal one..

    If you don't trust your partner, let He/She know
    Is way healthier


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  • i dont think so. no

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