Is it weird that I'm antisocial?

It seems like I'm a loner I don't try making new friends and the ones that I have I don't talk to them much I feel like I'm a dissapointed to everyone. Why do people never appreciated what I did for them? Every time I meet someone new there the same as everyone else they turn there back on me, back stab me, I lost friends for stupid reasons and I don't bother to socialize with anyone at my job or in my apartment complex, I had always been there for people but when I need it nobody is here for me I guess I don't try meeting new people cus I have no tolerance for fake people. Is this normal?


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  • If you make yourself useful, then you'll be used.

    Depends on what you regard as a fake person. Generally speaking, I don't condone being "impolite" (read: an asshole) to the people you don't like IF only you think they are fake.

    It's normal, alright. Not sure what your reason is, though.

    On the one hand you ask why people never appreciate you. On the other hand, why should they? Do you claim fault for any of your misfortunes?

    • I do so much for people but why I can't get that in return. So basically I should just stop being Mr. Nice guy?

    • That's one way to look at it. If you want my opinion, I don't see any pride from you. You look broken and that makes you easily stepped on. You need to be a man, know what you want and how to get it. Self-sacrifice doesn't make you appealing in any way, you will only be community-resource to be spended at will.

    • Yeah I don't know what to do it'd like I'm pissed off at the world

  • Women's liberation has broken up society. Every social outing is now gynocentric and people have women at the back of their mind. That's why socializing sucks so much now...

    Don't worry most people have admitted to feeling lonely. Before women were allowed in society men lived like brothers... and mental illness was uncommon

    • Yeah exactly I only have 3 friends and two are girls but it seems like one of my female friends she seeks advice from me I'm there for her but when I need someone to talk to she doesn't say much. Today she's really pissed off at me I'm trying to talk about it and she turns her back after everything I done for her.

    • Falsity, treachery, ingratitude... these are the qualities of women... There can be no lasting friendship with them. Hearts of hyenas are the hearts of women.

    • Yeah we been friends for a year and she's pulling this shit today. It's weird that she texts me every day but it makes me wonder if she's just trying to use me in her convinced just when she needs something