Is It Just Me... Or Are More & More Women Getting Dogs?

Sometimes... I feel like women go overboard on things and they always follow each other in the latest trends. The newest trend I am seeing - Every woman has a dog now!

I am actually writing this, because a friend of mine confirmed my suspicion. He said in a Facebook post, "I am glad to see these young, single women getting dogs rather than getting knocked up"

I use a lot of social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat... and I have a lot of women I have met over the years on these social media sites. It seems like now... a lot of the 18-25 population of women now have dogs!!

A lot of women on these social media sites that would often complain about men consistantly now have dogs and constantly post about their dog on social media sites, like everyday. While I am glad theses dogs have good homes, it's sickening what some of these women post on social media about their dogs.

For example:
-I have seen some of these girls eating food off the same plate as their dog.
-They kiss their dog on the mouth
-Take showers with their dogs

Am I the only one noticing this trend?

I've also noticed that some women have 2 or 3 dogs or 1 dog and a cat or 2 cats and dog... and they are not even 25 yet. Oh, those vet bills, the price for the food, etc, etc...
i bet these women also have sex with their dogs to compensate for not having a man in their lives


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  • Well I've wanted a dog since I was little, and last year I finally decided I was in good financial shape to handle one. I have absolutely no regrets. My dog is like my child. :)

    As long as they are responsible pet owners - don't abuse, neglect, or abandon - then it can only be a good thing. There are too many homeless pets in this country.

    Also.. I totally kiss my doggy on the mouth. :P
    Behold the cute.


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  • Well it's called "a man's best friend" not a woman's best friend


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  • Yes, what you noticed is a trend of women realizing men are awful and we'd rather have a companion in the form of a dog.

  • You seem to have some inner issues you need to work out if you're obsessing over human beings owning dogs. I assure you, there are more males that come into my store for dog supplies than there are females.

  • ... it's just you.

    • You a cat person? meow?

    • @Toad-1 ahha no, I hate cats. I'm a dog person but I haven't noticed any kind of increase in the amount of women getting dogs. Or any of the examples listed like people who happen to be women kissing their dogs, taking showers with them, etc?

      This sounds like the fantasized perception of someone into beastiality, tbqh. :/

  • Not I said the queen!


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