Do you think he was genuine? Or he felt bad for me?

I started working at a new job, and it's going pretty well, I work with a guy I went to high school with but we never talked or had any classes together, but I know he knows who I am cause his friends are pretty popular and some of them don't like me so I'm pretty sure he's heard some crappy things about me so anyway, a couple nights ago a group of college kids came in and accused me of getting their order wrong, they all said they ordered fries but they didn't cause it wasn't on the reciept and when I handed them their food, I apologized and told them I'd make it for them, and since it wasn't on the reciept I told them they had to pay for it and they started yelling, and saying it was my fault and when I walked away, he was like dude it's only her fourth day here... And I was really surprised that he stuck up for me... So, do you think he was genuine or he felt bad for me?


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  • He was genuine and wanted you to feel good


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