My boyfriend's parents died when he was young?

My boyfriend's parents died when he was young. We just started dating. What should I watch out for?
Any advice to help me so I can make this relationship work?


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  • I'm honestly not sure what there would be for you to look out for or if there are any special things that you'll need to do to make it work.

    I'll agree in part with the anonymous guy. I wouldn't recommend volunteering stories about your parents and your life growing up, at least not right now. Sooner or later though, he will meet your family, so he'll probably ask about them. I'd say wait until he does. You should also be open to the possibility that a conversation may naturally head in that direction, so mentioning it beforehand may even be inevitable.


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  • My mom actually passed away as a teenager and it did put me in a depressed state for a bit but overall it didn't change how I behaved in a relationship or how I could feel about someone. And I think more than anything I don't think you should watch out for anything or be worried about anything, because the more you worry and act different the more it's going to possibly actually ruin things when it wouldn't have if you were just yourself in the first place.

    I personally wouldn't stress over it and I would just keep doing you and having fun and make him happy by being there, being his girl and being you and I think that's the best approach.

  • Mr187canada pretty much said it all. I guess I'd shy away from long "family" type stories.


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