Stranger asked for my help?

I was just dropping my friend home.. as i was driving this was at 2 am bdw like about an hour or to ago anyways.. a girl waved so i stop.. and i did. It was raining badd and veryate so she's cryinf asking for me to help her. Im in shock. And she said she needs to get home and its judt round the corner but the place she was talking about was 30mnx away. Anyways me scared as f!@# i said i can't stop her come ovee there and i will talk to tou she looked very bad i hope she's finee but she didn't come over to where i pulled up. So i didn't wait for too long and drove off. Im scared. I have a freind with me cannot risk her life. And indont know her. I ddnt have enough petrol to drop her nor money... i mean how can i trust a stranger.. she was saying driver. Help me. Take me home and please. Thats it when she said driver there's noone around. So anyways i left but called the police to help her.

I feel bad and guilty? Do you think I've done the right thing. Should i have just took her somwere close buy atleast?


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  • You were right about calling the police for her, and you were safe; that's important to me. That might've been a syndicate trying to lure out victims. The fact that she didn't come over to where you pulled up made it very suspectible whether she genuinely asked for help or not. I mean, if that person really needed help, she would've done her best to approach you right? (Unless she's injured or impaired)

    • Which she wasn't. I just cannot forget her face. She looked very sad. But i guess i did the right thing. I mean i saw three police cars down my road later anyway it took me 15 minutes to take my friend and come back.

  • Don't beat yourself up about it. Kidnappers, rapists, and serial killers use techniques like this to lire victims. You did the right thing.