Huge change in my life, do I forget my career, or my family and friends?

I'm going to try to provide you with information of what I have been thinking about and what is happening while still being short as possible.

I graduated with my computer information systems degree two years ago. I went to college in Atlanta, and then moved out of where I was living with my ex-fiancee and moved back to my small hometown with my parents. I picked up a web developement job in Tifton, GA. It is also a small town, finding and getting this position in this area is like winning a lottery because this is a farming community. However, there has been talk for the last 4 months that the company will be closing.

This puts me in the position of having to find another job. I have always wanted to be a Java Developer, but in order to find a job position like that I will need to move either four hours north to Atlanta or four hours south to Orlanda, Fl. I am turning 26 this year, and since my ex-fiancee I haven't had a serious girlfriend (we split about 4 years ago).

While I do know that I would be able to find a job in my career field, it would require me to start over once again. All of my friends live here, and have jobs that they will be working forever as far have planned. I feel like I should add that between the ages of 18 and 22 I moved from Atlanta and back to my hometown twice, each time I had to "start over". I don't create new friends easly.

My brother got married two years ago and now has a baby, I just moved in with my cousin/best friend about 3 months ago and I love living here.

However, with my student loans, I am paying $750 a month back to student loans, getting a job in my career field would make, making those payments much easier. I feel like my other choice is to stay in this area and just find another job somewhere like Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot and w

working my way up to a decent salary by the time i'm 35.
I know that if I move, I would have a great living being a software developer, and I would fulfill my career goals, but I would be very lonely. My ex fiancee started talking to me a couple of months ago, even though she is dating and living with someone, so I guess somethings never change, but I do still miss her dearly.


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  • Life is too short to stay in your home town. Move away and explore new possibilities. It may take you some time to adjust and make new friends. I would suggest joining your new community in some way. Volunteer, join a gym, take classes, etc. I'm moving to Germany next year and I'm terrified but I would rather be scared and lonely than stay in my home town with my ex and all of my family.

    • I have thought that many times. A gym membership and volunteering would help with meeting people because i'm not really one to go hang out at a bar anymore, i'm not 19 or 20 anymore lol. Thank you for giving your opinion thatgirlrachel!

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  • I'd say move and experience more in your life.