Do you think 22-2 is possible at the WrestleMania?

Do you think 22-2 is possible at the WrestleMania?
WrestleMania is approaching and we know what it's famous for... The Undertaker's streak (which has already been broken tho). But still, it matters a lot as it'd be so difficult to make him lose again, but who knows? Maybe this will change everything?

I know this is not real wrestling but it's fun, no? So, if you follow WWE, what do you think would be the outcome?

  • 23-1
  • 22-2
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  • I don't follow it anymore for obvious reasons but I want it to be 23-1.


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  • That stuff's fake.

    • Lol so are video games, movies and fiction. But we still enjoy

    • Those at least are immediately presented as such. These people pretend they're real and that's the difference.

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