Is anyone else fammiliar with Exit Mundi?

I have no idea why it's called that, but it's a pretty interesting site that basically lists all sorts of different ways the apocalypse could happen.

Some of these are ones everyone already knows about, like an asteriod impact or the sun blowing up, but did you know that the Earth's core will eventualyl freeze over? or that all the carbon in the universe might eventually fall apart due to a slight shift in the laws of physics? In fact, I guarantee that over half of these will be scnearios you'd never have thought of in your entire life.

(This is my favorite, for eample: )


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  • I've read many of these before. For example, gamma bursts from nearby supernovas happen often enough that it probably has sterilized the Earth once or twice before during its history. I suspect we'd get a long period of warning before that happened again. I'm not too worried about most of the ones tied to physics. I think we humans are easily the biggest risk for our extinction in the next thousand years or so.


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