How to stop getting bullied (as an adult)?

I am 26, and I find myself getting bullied, whether it is from a mean coworker or an unhappy boss. I am on the nice, quiet side so I think some people believe they can get away with anything because there is nothing to fear from me. I am more afraid of meeting new people because of this.
Funny thing is, I did not have these problems until after college. I don't believe I am unique: I think there are many who are bullied out there. I hate encountering this: it's not right.

I've been told having more confidence and not caring about what people think when you stand up for yourself (e. g. when you say 'no') would help. But I find that when I say 'no' is when the bullying gets worse, because the bully does not get his way.


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  • Then keep saying no so they learn they can't push you around and tell your coworkers what they're doing so they can help stand up for you.


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