My boyfirend prefers blonde petite girls?

Its normal and fine to have a preference but in the past he once told me that he thought some blondes were prettier than me and that he likes what he likes when i asked him... we dated for 3 years in the begining i knew he has a preferance but i no longer feel comforable in our relationship anymore...

he says im gourgouse im perfect but i still feel like shit... i used to feel awsome and happy with myself even though he has a thing for the petite blondies...

and YES i am insecure atm and have been for a while now...


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  • If you feel like shit now, how do you think you will feel later? Do you think he will change or something? Or do you have to just deal with his garbage?

    I am pretty sure you can find someone who will appreciate you and make you feel awesome like you should be feeling... instead of like shit.
    Dump his sorry ass, that's my advice.

    • I Neverwanted him to change cause thats impossible but i wanted to feel wanted like i want him but apparently he doesn't..

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    • Thanks for the MHO, and I do hope the best for you.

    • Your welcome and thank you again, have a nice day..

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  • I'm sorry to hear that.

  • I've been in a similar situation as what you described. I know it sucks but you're better off to move on. I didn't and 6 years later my life is a mess. I should have left sooner. There is someone out there that would be crazy over you. The guy you're with, isn't him.


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  • What is your actual question? is it worth staying with him because he has a pref for blonde girls?

    • I don't know you tell me...