When can I quit fencing?

So I am a freshman in college and I was recruited by the fencing coach for the division III school. My junior and senior year of high school I was really beginning to hate my sport so I was extremely tentative to attend this otherwise ideal school simply because I didn't want to fence. However, financially and taking into account other factors, I ended up here and felt that because the coach supposedly talked me up to admissions (I likely would have gotten in simply for academics), I am now a div III fencer. I have had practice for three weeks now (I was extremely ill last week and couldn't make it to practice), nevertheless that full week and thus far in this week have been enough for me to decide that I can't do it. I'm actually the person on my squad (gender & weapon) with the most experience (why the coach wanted me so badly), so I don't want to quit because I'm bad. I've just always put academics first and I feel like (just like my junior and senior year of high school) I'm always running from class to work to fencing to homework. I have no time for myself and don't even have time to devote to writing (my aspiration is to be an author). Similarly, my college always has really cool lectures that coincide with practice so I can never attend. I know it would be unfair for me to quit within the first semester but can I quit before the second? I'm planning on sitting down and talking to my coach and explaining this to him but is it reasonable for me to quit halfway through my first year? I dread the thought of having to do it for the rest of the semester so finishing the year off is almost unimaginable, but I don't want to be unfair. Thanks for reading this!

I am not receiving a scholarship for the record (so it won't affect financial aid)


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  • It is more than reasonable to quit at this point. If you have lost the competitive edge, you are likely going to be a detriment to the team anyway. You've send you're not on scholarship, etc... so you owe them nothing at this point.

    • Even though I'm only three weeks in?

    • Yep... even though it's only been three weeks. You certainly wouldn't be the first, and besides there is no dishonor in realizing you no longer have a passion for something.

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  • If the fencing team helped you with admissions and financially pay your way, when you quit the team - they will no longer provide financial assistance AND don't be surprised if admissions takes a second look at your application and claims you don't have what it takes to make it there.

    • This happened to my nephew by the way - a diii school helped him with admissions and financial aid in order to play baseball. But he quit after his freshman year. Before sophmor year started he received a call from admissions office saying there was a mistake and he's not eligible based on his records

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    • I'm so sorry to hear that. If he was receiving money for basketball though then that was probably the main reason they were interested in him? I mean before I do anything I'm going to talk to my coach and maybe I could ask if something like this would happen (he won't be happy about my quitting but he's nice and would honestly tell me)

    • If you have that sort of relationship with your coach then yes definitely talk to him first.

  • Are you receiving a scholarship for fencing?

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    • I think quitting during the season is poor form; it leaves the team in the lurch. If you hang in there through the end of the season, you will look back and be proud that you didn't quit mid-season. That is not what you want to hear, but I think it is good advice.

    • I understand and that's what I'm worried about. However, one of the more experienced fencers (she's approximately my level) is currently on semester abroad, she'll be back second semester which is why I was wondering if I couldn't just make it through the first and the opt out for second semester. I'm just really confused cause I dread practice but I don't want to be a bad person.

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