How do you act with female managers to get them to like you?

Every job where I've had a male manager we get along great.
Every job where I've had a female manager we never get along.

I do not act any diffierently, consciously or subconsciously, and do not act unprofessionally with awkward jokes or sayings in either environment which might offend.

What am I missing?


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  • I've had male and female managers and get along pretty well with both.

    I just act like myself - I'm friendly, but professional. Show up early, get work done on time. Pay attention. Contribute. Voice ideas. Be productive. Etc.

    I also usually get to know them on a personal level a bit. If they share stuff about their kids or weekend plans, I reciprocate, get to know them and participate in some small talk. Not on work time, but mostly off the clock.

    I basically take my cues from them. If they're all about work, I'll stick to work-related topics and keep it all business. If they want a more casual, or personable relationship (which is mostly what I've encountered), I can do that too.


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