What should I take in summer school?

I want to get into earth science. in my opinion going to grade 12 next year and the seared the courses I've chosen :

Bio, chem, advanced functions, calculus, physics, English, french snd history of the church.
I have to take history of the church cause I go to a Catholic school and I'm not allowed to take that in summer school.

I don't know whether to take earth science or English or data or physics in summer school. I'm trying for a uni thst cares whether you take a course in summer school or not, so I kinda don't wanna take English in summer school cause it's a prerequisite but I also don't want to die or drown in work next year. At the same time , I might need data so I don't know what to do !

Please help ?

Sorry auto correct messed up.

*im going into grade 12 next year and these are the courses I've chosen


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  • Woah supergirl calm down! Are all of those things required to graduate? If they're not... I think you need to accept that you cannot take everything. I was pretty similar to you when I was going into 12th and if I could go back and change something I wouldn't have taken all of those classes. I never use the content from those classes in my real" adult life." Please just believe me. Pick the subjects you're most interested in or will relate to your future career (if you know what you want to do).

    BUT if those are all required, or if you refuse to drop any of these classes... I would definitely take something over the summer. I would take whatever class interests you the least over the summer to get it over with. That's just me.

    • Honestly would have gotten rid of religion if I could. I guess if it gets too much, I'll drop french before it goes on my transcript :/

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  • Don't expect to learn shit from summer school... It's easy to get high marks but since you didn't learn the stuff well you are gonna cry in uni.

    If your uni cares about whether it's summer course credit or not, then take something that's not going to be your top six for the sake of learning/credits.

    No idea what's going to be in earth science... English mark is definitely going to be submitted, useless but heavy course as always. Physics 12 there's quite a bit of material, if you want to learn it well I won't recommend cramming it down in less than two months.

    Data I personally dropped half-way through the course, never regretted that either. Teacher was crap, most of the stuff I've never got to use but could be helpful depending on what you do... Lots of stuff were covered but only shallow concepts. Nothing too complex, I would take summer school for a taste of that; you won't really miss anything important for uni.


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