What are your weird compulsions?

I think we all have weird things that we do for no logical reason. Obviously, OCD something entirely different, but I think most people have some compulsive tendencies/rituals, but for most of us they don’t impact our lives negatively the way they do for OCD sufferers.

So, I’m curious – what weird compulsions do YOU have?

Mine are:

When using a public/shared bathroom, I always tear the first few squares off the toilet paper and discard them (something about the thought of other peoples’ fingers touching them).

Whenever I use the stove or over, I check at least three times that it’s shut off, and even so, if I leave the house soon after it stresses me out in the back of my mind until I return, worrying that I didn’t shut it off.

When going to sleep, I always have to use the side of the pillow where the pillow case is closed, that way I can’t feel the crease/seam.

As soon as I get home I always change my socks. For some reason, they can be perfectly comfortable all day but the moment I’m home they just feel gross on my feet.

I always double check that I have locked the door properly when I leave the house.

I always triple tap the lock button on my car keys.

I also have to clear all email and social media notifications immediately when I see them.


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  • when I lock the door I test it out by trying to break in.

    when I put my kickstand up on my bike I always look down to check and make sure it is up, even though I heard it kick up.

    when I park, i go really far ahead of the space, then shift to neutral and roll back a foot.


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  • Some of them:
    -I use GaG.
    -I have conversations with myself.
    -I prepare whole discussions in my head. Those discussions I intend to make with people I know. I imagine other people's views in regards to the subject, so I have to think of arguments for both sides.
    It's not a waste of time because I usually end up making them in real.
    -I play scenarios in my head before I fall asleep.
    -I have to write at least 500 words a day.


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  • I am obsessed with making sure things are locked/secured/closed/turned off.

    I go back and check the front door, I make sure all the car doors are locked and windows are closed, I go back and make sure the fridge door is closed and the oven is off, I make sure the car really is in park...

    Oh, and I check my pockets as I'm walking around to make sure everything is still in them.

    Like this:


  • when ever i leave my house i make sure we have the keys, even my mom says she has keys i still tell her to show me. and whenever i leave the car parked even thou my dad say every door is locked i still check every door is locked or not.

  • I come on this website.

  • Same as you, I think you write for me


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What Girls Said 2

  • Haha I'm, like, absolutely petrified of developing asymmetries in my posture or muscle memory.
    Lemme explain.
    Ok, you've probably heard how you shouldn't, like, carry heavy things on one side of yr body all the time (duh common sense, really) -- BUT, I take it to a whole 'nother extreme.
    Like, I won't carry my purse on any given side for more than even 10 or 15 minutes before I switch it over to the other side (and I carry small purses).
    Same if I'm carrying grocery bags, or something.

    Self serve car wash? Yep, I'm scrubbing right-handed for a minute or two, then left-handed for a minute or two, then...

    Even babies, haha. When my kids were still babes-in-arms, I'd even alternate the arm carrying most of the weight every few minutes.

    Most people open doors, pick up stuff, etc. with the same hand every time. Me, nope -- it's about 50/50, and that's VERY on purpose.


    I NEVER carry more than 4 pennies or 4 single dollar bills. When I pay cash for things, I will ALWAYS pay exactly the amount of cash required to get rid of these things, if I have enough.

    Like, if the total for something is $37.67, I will give the cashier $43.02. (Then I get rid of the stupid fuckin' singles and pennies, and I get $5.35 back.)

    **I** think it's obvious enough what I'm doing. But, especially in Chinatown, cashiers get confused, and are sometimes even aggressive about shoving the "extra" money back in my face. I'm like, no, really, just take it and make change please. (:


    When I pump gas, I jiggle the pump thingy against the tank opening a bunch of times, then give it a couple of final slams... all just to make sure every last drop goes in there. I get pissed if even a single drop goes awry when I pull the pump out to put it back.
    (I'm reminded of what my brothers or husband would do in the bathroom... LOL)


    I ALWAYS smell books.
    When I'm reading a physical book, I stop to flip the pages in front of my nose, and/or to bury my nose in the middle of the page spread, AT LEAST once every page or two. At my reading speed, this means at least a couple times per minute.
    Ah, smelling books.

    I also smell my hands and my hair ALL THE TIME, to the point where I have to be kind of covert about it in public to avoid awkwardness.
    I'm thinking about cutting my hair shorter again, and, tbh, this is one of the very few things weighing against that.

    • You're Canadian, right? Y'all got rid of pennies, didn't you?

      If only...

    • I totally feel ya on the symmetry thing - I'm not quite as extreme about it as you though and my reasoning is different. I can't stand if I feel something on one side of my body but not the other - it will drive me nuts until I balance it... like, if I itch one side, I have to itch the same spot on the other side. My boyfriend intentionally will squeeze one butt cheek and not the other just to piss me off and because he thinks it's funny that I'll then squeeze the other one my self to even it out.

    • Hah that's cute... Admittedly, handedness makes it harder to squeeze one side than the other. (For the same reason, if you ever need dental surgery on the left side of yr mouth... find a left-handed dentist.)

  • If I'm wearing a coat, it has to be zipped up all the way before I leave my house with a scarf under. Whatever the coat, or the weather, it just has to be fully zipped up haha

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