What is the most horrible death between the two I meantion? And what is the most horrible death after your opinion?

The one I want you to choose from: being burned alive vs burried alive (choking)
So first let me know which of those two you think is worse and why!

And then: is there any in between the following which is beating the first two examples and by far no.1?:
1. Long disease
2. heart attack
3. Being shot
4. bleeding to death
5. airplane crash! (I think this is horrible)
6. driven over
7. A stroke
8. dying of hunger
9. DROWNING (I think is fucked up too!

Come with your ideas!


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  • Being burried alive is basically suffocating for a couple minutes.

    Being burned alive... Imagine feeling the searing, excruciating, unbearable pain throughout your whole body. Feeling unimaginable heat consuming you from inside out. Smelling your own burning flesh. Watching your skin melt off, drip down your side, hit the ground and burn to a crisp. Being able to see your bones and internal organs.

    No death sounds worse than that ^^^


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  • Burned alive is considered the most painful death.

  • Being burned alive is a bad way to go.

  • There's nothing worse than being buried alive... also buried alive for me's... when yer sentenced to be in jail for like 30 years... it's just like being buried alive...

    • I see what you mean... however burried alive and prison is not the same I think.. but still horrible lol! Unless you are in prison in one of those prisons where it is more like a hotel.

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