ASMR on YouTube, equiptment needed?

I don't know if any of you have heard of ASMR, but there are tons of channels on YouTube on it. It's where different sounds and quiet speaking are used to relax your body. I was interested in doing a video, but I'm not sure if I need a special mic/headset to pick up sounds better, I only have my phone or digital camera. People on YouTube don't often tell how because they get paid to do these.



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  • I know of what you are talking about. Each person usually just uses whatever mic they have. Some even use their phone.


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  • 3dio, camera, lack of creativity, urge to make money doing something literally anyone with vocal cords could do.

    • I don't need that good of a mic! I need something to pick up soft sounds like the sound of soft scratching or the sound of leather gloves, people seem to like these sounds best for some reason.

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    • Ok, now for me personally, I like scissor sounds.

      When I was a kid I used to use the virtual barber shop video (y'know, the one with the creepy Italian called Luigi) to fall to sleep so maybe that's why.

      The 3dio is for binaural sounds. Without binaural audio asmr videos are shit. Listen to a 3dio recording and a mono mic recording both through headphones and tell me binuaral isn't 1000x better.

    • Ok so how does that work with a phone or digital camera?

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  • i never understood that, the soft tone sounds odd and i don't like it.


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