I was always the one giving not taking, now I want to make changes in my life and earn respect I deserve. I want to improve myself. What should I do?

Things i decided to do are focusing more on studies, entering the GYM but i'm not sure if being 5'10 is an ideal height to start lifting weights, and getting a job. I also want to improve my social skills, i become vulnerable to people abuse after they get to know me, the reason behind that is me being too friendly to them. It would be nice if you could give me an advice in improving my social skills, and recommending more things to do to improve myself.


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  • Honestly, I think your already on a good start to improving yourself. :) Im not a expert in weight lifting but I don't think ur height is a problem when it comes to lifting weights. :) Look at men like "The Rock", he's tall and lifts weights. However, u could ask that question to a trainer or someone who knows a lot about weight training. But ur geught shouldn't stop u from getting a job. :) Also, im the same way too nice to people but u just have to have boundaries & not let people walk all over you. Just stick up for yourself when ur being walked all over & do ur best to have great judgment when making new friends, so u won't attract those who are users. :) Good for you for taking charge of your life and improving yourself. :)


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