Does anyone have a Macbook pro?

I need help, my Macbook keeps freezing on the Internet and i can't scroll down on google... a friend just bought me this for my birthday last month!. is there anything i can do before taking it back to apple?


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  • I have a Macbook Pro.

    This is very unusual for Apple product to do this. However, it might not be the Macbook. Maybe the website is playing up or maybe your Internet connection is giving problems. Both of which would be nothing to do with the computer.

    • Try turning the Macbook off and turning the power off at the wall to your modem. Wait 2 or 3 minutes and turn the power back on to your modem. Wait until all the lights are on and your modem has booted back up. Then turn the Macbook back on. Your modem might be the problem and need resetting, this will do that.

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    • Believe it or not i fixed it! It had something to do with the track pad options

    • Oh awesome. Computers and internet etc are very complicated things and a number of things can cause problems but I am pleased you fixed it. :)

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  • Try using update to get the latest version of Safari cuz it sounds like the patch that came out in Jan. had some issues to what you described. If that doesn't work try using another browser to see if you get the same problem. If so take it back to Apple and let them know whats happening.


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