Any prank ideas?

Okay so I have an internet friend who lives in America and I live in England. I'm the prankster in our friendship, I've already told her that my mum found my phone and I couldn't talk to her, I was pregnant, Phan was real, I was moving near her. There isn't much I can do online, but I'm sure there's still stuff I would be able to do. I need some for April fools day and her birthday (which is also in April)

Since I'm the master at this pranking game, I'm going to be the Simon Cowell of pranks, but I will still appreciate them and will probably get an idea from your own


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  • Whenever I get a new I do this to my friends. I'll text the, things like:
    -Hello beautiful 😉
    -I've missed you so much ❤️
    -Did you miss me
    -Why aren't you respond to me! 👿
    -(If/when they ask who I am) That's for me to know and for you to find out 😉

    And just continue from there acting like a weirdo stalker not telling them who I am, if they stop texting me keep texting the, anyway, and say different things that lets them know I really know who they are but they have no idea who I am... For instance telling her Hapoy Birthday and just keep at it until you think it's gone on long enough, she really starts ignoring you, or she says she's going to call the cops lol

    If you only have one phone/number you could borrow someone else's phone that number she doesn't have or make a fake account on the site you talk to her on or on an app like kik.


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  • Tell her your plane went down over Russia.

    Or tell her to write you s letter cause you lost your phone, computer etc

    • She would think something sketchy about the letter part since she knows I wouldn't write anyway. But I'll see if I can prank her by telling her I lost my phone

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  • I just pranked my closest friend back in my country that I have a boyfriend xD it worked tho hahah her reaction was priceless!

    sorry I have no clue, but I wish you all the best :D

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