Kicking men or kicking women?

Which is more fun to see in funny videos?

And why?


What Girls Said 1

  • MEN. Because men were born to be stronger than women. Maybe some feminists will say that my opinion is 'not acceptable' (by the way I'm a feminist too), but the fact that men were created to be powerful can't be resisted. Women were born to be loved, so don't kick them :)

    • "Women were born to be loved, so don't kick them " that says everything dude. I dosent thought about giving reply to this but after that line I should

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    • Oh yes. But sometime 'table can turn'. Women were created to get hurt and men created to live. Because there's so much abusive from men to women in this world :)

      Oh, c'mon... We both can live in harmony ;)

    • That means you can hit men for fun and if any one do things with you then it is crime.
      If we consider your point then men abusing women should be exist in the world

What Guys Said 2

  • Neither of them!

  • It's so much fun to watch, how could one possibly choose between the two! Though, when in need of a dose of pure, clean fun, it's hard to beat watching children and small dogs get s good beating!!!