Possible Domestic Violence?

Okay, this is a very serious question, so, for my and whoever involved in the case, I'm asking it anonymously.
One of my neighbor also happens to be one of my coworker. Almost half an year ago her wife lost her previous job, and doesn't seem to be able to find a new one. Since a couple of months, I can clearly hear her screaming at him almost everyday; also, whenever I go in the market to buy some food or whatever, I always see wine bottles in his wife chart. EVERYTIME. This was very few of my concern, until, the other day I noticed a small red stain on the back of the neck of his shirt; while he said it was just tomato sauce a collegue accidently drop during lunch, it surely didn't look like it to me.
What should I do? Should I mind my own business or investigate some more?


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  • Pay attention to what's going on, if you keep hearing her screaming, call the cops, cause she may also be hitting him.
    I'd tell you to mind your own business, but he's a coworker, and we're talking about violence and abuse, it's better to be nosy now, than later regret not doing anything.

    • That's what I meant, I think he's being beating up by her.

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    • Thanks for the MHO

    • No problem!

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  • Women can absolutely domestically abuse men. It sounds like that is whats happening here. Definitely keep tabs on the situation. And the next time they are causing a ruckus, call the police. If its nothing, then no harm done. But if there is something going on, the police need to get involved.

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