Phone interview for a job on campus?

So I've never done a phone interview together. We schedule a time online and there's like 26 other people who apparently have one as well based on all the slots taken so I'm feeling super dettered. What should I expect on the interview? It's just a facilities assistant job at the fitness gym. Where I'd basically just direct people to places that they're looking for in the gym and restack weights or spot for someone if they need help etc.


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  • All interviews are the same. They got your resume, and you're qualified, now they want to get to know you, see if you'll get along with the other staff. Just be yourself, dont' say Fuck, and you'll be fine. If you want to shine, ask the best questions. Ask them to describe their ideal candidate for the job. Ask how you can best help the gym. That sort of thing.

    One last tip: Smile when you say hello and through the introductions and when you say goodbye. People can hear that you're smiling when you talk and thats a huge bonus when the 26 other fools answered their phone groggy and hung over.

    • Yeah I've been looking at guides and they all say smile. I tried it and it actually does change the sound of your voice.

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