Do you think romance novels get in the way of relationships w/ your boyfriend or girlfriend?

I've always been a fan of reading. When I read I tend to pick romance novels. I don't know why but they have this effect on me when I wonder "how does the author really go into details?" I feel like I'm not making any sense. In short terms do you ever like to use the details that the author writes when you are having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you ever feel like when your not together at the time you wish you had what the characters in the book have.


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  • I do agree most romance novels are written and described very well. Especially the hot and steamy parts. It would be nice to base relationships like that. But most relationships are like that. Even romance movies seem cool. But it doesn't reflect real life. Most times guys will be nice and very romantic in the beginning of the relationship. But all the fairy tale and novel stuff changes with time as the relationship moves forward.

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