What's your motivation, to improve yourself in life?

So when I was younger up until my later teens I was about as happy go lucky as you could be. I was confident around girls had plenty of friends and just enjoyed life. But I was way out of shape (like the scrawny skinny kid kind) short and was mediocre in school yet I was so happy for whatever reason and had loads of friends.
Now I'm in my 20s and am about as unhappy as can be. 0 confidence and 0 self esteem. I naturally grew to be around 6'2-6'3 and I decided if I was going to be unhappy I'd at least be a successful miserable person without a single friend (I literally have 4 contacts in my phone, my two parents, 1 sibling, and work number). So for the last few years I've been lifting weights and I'm in the honor society in university going towards graduate school. I've realized that the more unhappy I become the more I try to improve myself. I always hear when people are successful they make friends and are happy and when they're depressed they just stop trying but it seems to be the inverse for me.

I just thought that was odd and was wondering what your driving factor for those of you that are always working towards something or have ambition in life is.


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  • i think my main motivation is just... picturing what kind of person i hope to become. i'm so far away from that. so i always want to improve, get closer to that ideal bit by bit.


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  • Being too old to do anything about myself in my age-worn body, cynical mindset, or my decade's worth of routine in life.

    Wanna change? No time like the present.

    Be willing to try and fail and learn from that experience. That's one of the keys in life.

  • We motivate ourselves to seek out a goal because we're afraid to stand still and in our haste to succeed, we find two parts. One rewards us with instantaneous gratification. The other leaves us feeling empty and wanting more.

    Self-improvement is great, but don't fool yourself into thinking that's what you're obtaining. Want to improve yourself? Sit and listen- it's the only way.

    • If that's not what I'm obtaining then what am I obtaining?

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    • I guess my improvements are more physical and intellectual than emotional.

    • Obtain the first two without the latter and it's all for nothing but the same cannot be said in reverse.