I sent a text and could have sworn it said "read" but I went back into it and then it said delivered - what's with that?

They have read receipts on and I could have sworn they read it but I checked maybe 2 hours later and it just sat delivered... any ideas on what happened?

Thanks everyone! But I did the classic IT solution and turned in off and on again and it went back to saying it was read :)


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  • If it's fb messenger 100% sure they marked it unread I know I've checked it.

    Before marking a message unread didn't change the read receipt but now in fb messenger it does change it.

    Also if the message is deleted it removes the time stamp of seen but only after a few days so more than likely the marked it unread lol

    • Was a text, not Facebook :/

    • Oh I'm not sure then sorry I couldn't help maybe if a glitch in the phone.

      If you think someone is ignoring you and you and that person have a friendship and know each other then I strongly suggest you just ask why they are ignoring you

      Text exactly that
      "Hi , why are you ignoring me?"

      If it is a friend then they won't think your mad or crazy but if it's a stranger or some random guy then be thankful they ignored you they ain't meant to be in your life.

      I know being ignored by someone you care about is very hurtful to anyone.

    • It's with the guy I'm seeing, I sent him a text, he replied instantly then I replied and nothing. It doesn't bother me because he's hopeless at texting but I thought maybe it meant he blocked me... But it was a phone glotch

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  • If it was whatsapp when they get out of the text, if they slide it to the right it says mark as unread. That could be what they did.