How can I get better at tellIng stories/ talking about myself? Seem more exciting?

I don't like talking about myself and usually ask questions to others instead. But I'm afraid people think I'm boring because of this. I want to change this as I think it's a flaw in my personality. Any pointers welcome!


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  • Boring is a good thing. However, just talk about things that you are passionate about. It will eventually become interesting for someone else.


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  • I'm a storyteller but I'm not a master, but, maybe I can help you... :)
    1. Topics and points: It's like writing but you don't need any paper and pen, just 'write' it inside your head, make an interesting story and everybody will find it like they read interesting books like Twilight or The Host.
    2. Intonation.
    3. Fluency.
    Hahahah... Okay, hope it'll help to solve your problem. Thank you ;)


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  • I too was withdrawn and rather timid until I began posting commentary regarding my preferred methods of bowel evacuation, and the attendant quality of my daily discharges. Go ahead; give it a try. Be unchained!

  • I'm the same way but for me, it's because I'm a private person and the questions I get I don't think are anyone's business lol. You generally can't change what people think about you and you don't want to make things up just to seem interesting to others. It's just the way you are and there are others like you. I don't view it as a flaw. I've also found if you're not very outgoing, you just aren't. Forcing yourself to be doesn't work. That has been my experience anyway.

    • I'm social and outgoing I think I just suck at telling stories I want this to change haha

  • What are you passionate about?

    • Honestly I don't know... I really like hiking, baking, makeup and movies, meeting new people but I don't know if they're passions?

    • Maybe "passion" was a wrong choice.

      But I would talk about those things. And if they don't want to talk about it and you can't talk about what they like, then it's time to move on to the next person.

  • Can I just let you know more about you?
    Your physics
    Your voice
    Your eyes/specs

    • I'm 5'7 (average height), athletic body probably more on the slim side but I have an ass haha. I have brown medium length curly hair with green eyes and fair skin. my voice is pretty low I guess, not extremely but it's not annoyingly high pitched.

    • Wow.. I expected formal detail but I got pretty well everything here.
      I'm story teller.
      I teach children.
      All story teller must be crazy and ready to do make joke of themselves...

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